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End Seniors' Isolation & Promote Seniors' Participation

Boomerslink Working Groups

The heart of Boomers Link are our working groups, for these dedicated people get the job done! Working groups are standing committees of the Board of Directors and meet on an as-needed-basis.  Other working groups may develop over time as Boomers Link expands.

These groups consist of board members and other qualified supporters. The chair is a board member or the chair reports directly to a board member. That board member will act as a liaise between the working group and the Board of Directors.

As volunteers, working group members carry no legal responsibility for Boomerslink, so committee members may be appointed or volunteer - they are not voted in. Their acceptance will be the decision of the chair.

All major decisions are made at the board level, with responsibilities delegated to working groups These groups also serve as a recruiting ground for future board members.

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The skills and experience we are seeking

We need a variety of skills and experience. Here are a few:

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Graphic design
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales and Promotion
  • Networkers
  • Event Organizers
  • Finance
  • Volunteer Management
  • Risk Management
  • Web design
  • Administration

and more!

Use your skills and wisdom to benefit seniors

Communications & Public Awareness

Mandate - Produce content that spreads public awareness of Boomerslink projects and events.
  • Develop advertising and promotional materials.
  • Arrange for the distribution of the materials
  • Produce three Boomers Link newsletters annually.
  • Secure advertisers for the newsletters.
  • Arrange for the distribution of the newsletters
  • Review and update online presence regularly.
  • Provide press releases, video and photo opportunities.
  • Support the development of the branches.
  • Collaborate closely with the other working groups.

Member & Senior Outreach Events

Mandate- Plan & organize sustainable events for Boomerslink.
  • Plan and organize members' events throughout the year.
  • Plan and organize senior outreach events throughout the year.
  • Seek out sponsors for senior outreach events.
  • Carefully schedule to ensure no overlap with other community events.
  • Promote and seek out volunteers for all events.

Donor Engagement & Public Relations

Mandate- Engage donors, raise funds for Boomerslink, promote volunteering, projects and events.
  • Engage and thank donors. Ensure that donors are thanked and kept well informed.
  • Network with sponsors of events as requested.
  • Develop strategies for engaging various sectors (business, government, grants, foundations, etc.).
  • Strategize for fundraising projects (special events, annual events, etc.).
  • Engage with present and potential donors.
  • Maintain database of Boomerslink supporters.
  • Seek out and accept speaking engagements.
  • Promote membership, volunteering, projects and events.
  • Collaborate closely with other working groups.

Finance & Risk Management

Mandate- Watch over the finances and manage the risk for Boomerslink.
  • Establish a budget in consultation with others. Monitor income and expenses then make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure administrative tasks are completed, including:
    • Financial statements and updates for Board Meetings.
    • Charitable donation tax receipts.
    • Database of ministry supporters.
    • Appropriate liability insurance.
    • Annual audit/review of all accounts.
  • Keep the constitution, by-laws and incorporation up-to-date.
  • Review any policies for volunteers, make recommendations to the board for changes and ratification.
  • Review risk management policies and procedures, make recommendations to the board for changes and ratification.
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Legal Name

Boomer Link's legal name is Senior Link-Independent Living Society.

Charity # 898259619 RR000


Address: 100 – 12031 2nd Avenue
Richmond, BC V7E 3L6


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